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Get listed on Baidu Webmaster Tools


Get INSANE traffic with your website properly listed on Baidu Webmaster Tools.

  • New property added to Baidu Webmaster Tools
  • Website submission to Baidu spiders
  • Ownership verification with HTML verification code
  • Sitemap submission

See below for detailed instructions

Please expect 24 to 48 hours for treatment.

Warning:  This product is not refundable.


There are a few guidelines to follow that will give you a better chance for your site to be accepted by Baidu and start ranking. Never forget that China has a super strong censorship on the Internet and if you don’t comply with local rules your website will be banned.

Here are a few important things about Baidu;

  • No sexual content. Pornography is not permitted in any form and everything that violates what is considered to be sexually inappropriate in China must be avoided.
  • No offensive content. This is content that relates to politics, especially if the material is controversial or polemical. Even illegal content is considered offensive, like for instance websites that revolve around businesses prohibited in China.

Here are a few important things about your service;

  • We do not provide a Baidu Webmaster tools account.
  • We do not provide credentials to access any Baidu Webmaster tools account
  • We do not provide stats or details about your website from our Baidu Webmaster tools accounts

Our service is limited to submitting properly your website to Baidu search engine, with ownership verification (HTML tag) and sitemap submission. So that you can make sure your website is visible on

  • Please expect 24 to 48 hours for treatment.
  • This product is not refundable.

Note : it may take take 4 to 8 weeks for Baidu crawlers to inspect your website and make it visible on search engines (Baidu takes longer to index websites than Google).

How it works

At checkout, some details will required to complete your purchase, such as:

  • Your website URL
  • Your email
  • Your Sitemap URL (xml)

Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email with your invoice and within 24 to 48 hours, another email with your unique Baidu tag (HTML code) and instructions on how to add this code to your website. A confirmation, by email, will be required once added to your website.

You will receive one last email confirming whether (or not) your ownership is verified. Once done, your sitemap URL will be submitted manually.

About BTR & Parners

BTR & Partners is a SEO canadian company specialized in making plugins for (CMS). Since March 2018, we have grown a large community of users and clients from all around the world, including dozens of marketing & SEO agencies, eager to find genuine online solutions to better rankings of their own clients on search engines. Last summer (2019), while expanding our services to asia, we have had the oppportunity to build a strong relationship with some of the most popular SEO agencies in China, and a part of this partnerhsip was to allow western users an exclusive access to Baidu Webmaster tools.

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