Translate a plugin And Get a free LIFETIME license !

Please explain your project with details.

You help us, we help you ! it's a Win-Win deal ! Help us translate our plugins into YOUR language and get a Lifetime license for each plugin translated !

    What plugin would you like to translate?

    From English to ...

    Are you familiarized with .Po/.Mo files (used to translate plugins)?

    Are you with using PoEdit - - (this software is free and very easy to use) - All translations me be done with PoEdit.

    Please expect 24 hours for the treatment of your email.

    Please note that :

    • Before validating your demand, we have to check (and double-check) that there is no translation already made for your language. Once approved, you will receive, by email, .po files to be translated within your language (with PoEdit – FREE to use).
    • All translations must be provided with .po/.mo files in order to be accepted.
    • Once delivered, they will be reviewed by the WordPress Team and, if accepted, you will be granted a FREE lifetime license.