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Floating Tiktok Button +Tikcode

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This plugin allows you to display a static/animated floating Tiktok logo or Tikcode (on frontend) linked to your Tiktok account to increase your Tiktok followers.

Step 1:

  • Select what to display on frontend (Floating Tiktok Logo, your Tikcode, both, …)
  • Enter your Tiktok username/ID
  • Select where to display these floating buttons
  • Select how to display these buttons (desktop / mobile)

Step 2:

  • Configure the style of your floating Tiktok button (satif or animated)
  • You can ever user your own Tiktok image

Step 3:

  • Customize your floating button
    • Button text
    • Font
    • Border
    • Width/height

Step 4:

  • Customize the position of your floating buttons

And you’re done.

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