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Bialty automatically adds ALT TEXTs to your images from page/article/product titles (with Woocommerce for online store) or Yoast’s Focus Keywords, separately or combined (depending on your needs). BIALTY also allows, via a Post META Box, manual customization on your pages, with the use of ALT TEXTs other than those used with Yoast or page titles.

BIALTY works in automatic mode. Once installed, it will be active on all pages of your site, retroactively and for future content. You no longer have to think about your Alt Texts.

Also compatible with : TinyMCE, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Visual composer, Elementor Page Builder, Gutenberg and more…


  • BIALTY plugins are translated and available in: English, French – Français, Russian –Руссɤɢɣ, Portuguese – Português, Spanish – Español, German – Deutch

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About BIALTY plugin and Alt text

Alternate text (Alt text) is a text description that can be added to an image’s HTML tag on a Web page. It is used when the image in the Web page cannot be displayed, in which case the Alt text is shown instead. It is also displayed when a user mouses over the image.

Unfortunately, the ALT attribute is a critical step that is often overlooked.

Have you ever been in the situation where you have hundreds or thousands of images on your website without any alt tags? You know by definition that it will hurt your Google ranking in some way, especially when YOAST SEO keeps reminding you that « All the images on this page do not contain ALT attributes with the focus keyword ». This can be a lost opportunity for better rankings on search engines.

Of course, you could add these alts tags manually (and spend dozens of hours doing it) or use other WordPress plugins auto-adding the product/page/post title or image name/title as ALT texts (with « _ » which are not SEO-friendly, by the way), but they still won’t be the best ALT attributes to be added to your images and Yoast will keep displaying this orange/red spot reminding you that you HAVE NOT DONE the job as you should.

And for good reason, because Alt tags strengthen the message of your articles with search engine spiders (which cannot determine the content of images and must rely on Alt text to determine their contents) and improves the accessibility of your website.

BIALTY is a time-saver because it uses this « Focus Keyword » determined (by you) when optimizing your page/post/product with YOAST SEO (and optionally the page title) as ALT texts for all images contained on this page/post/product.

Once your keyword is added in the « Focus keyword » field, after saving your settings, it will add it automatically to the image’s HTML tags of your page : simple & efficient

How does it work ?