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  • Better Robots.txt plugins are translated and available in: Chinese –汉语/漢語, English, French – Français, Russian –Руссɤɢɣ, Portuguese – Português, Spanish – Español, German – Deutch

Better Robots.txt Pro is a game changer. This plugin, based on thousands of SEO analysis, was specifically made to boost your site ranking and correct a recurrent problematic of content indexation (seen on more than 95% Wordpress websites).

Better Robots.txt Pro helps you create a virtual Robots.txt file with simple clicks, add in specific instructions for most popular web robots (including a Crawl-Delay feature) as well as your sitemap URL (generated from Yoast SEO plugin) or any other sitemap. Better robots will also help you block bad bots known for scraping (illegally) large amount of data.

This plugin was also designed to make direct modifications inside the Robots.txt and increase your SEO by taking advantage of a natural part of every website that rarely gets talked about.

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The robots.txt file: a source of SEO juice just waiting to be unlocked.

How to optimize Better Robotx.txt and your Robots.tx file ?

Better Robots.txt was made by Pagup – Agence SEO, a SEO agency based in Canada (Qc) specialized in the practice of “onPage” search engine optimization aiming to increase the amount of visitors to Websites by obtaining high-ranking placements in the search results page of search engines (SERP).

After thousands of SEO analysis, a recurrent pattern was identified on most websites : the lack of optimization of the robots.txt file (also called the robots exclusion protocol or standard).

This text file, part of every website on the Internet, is designed to work exclusively with search engines. By optimizing your robots.txt the right way, you can tell search engine bots to spend their crawl budgets wisely. And that’s what makes the robots.txt file so useful in an SEO context.

Better Robots.txt :

  • Allows to enable/disable  16 most popular search engine bots to crawl your website
  • Detects your Sitemap index (sitemap-index.xml) from Yoast SEO plugin (or any other Sitemap generator) and adds it automatically to your Robots.txt
  • Allows the addition of your own Sitemaps (manually)
  • Allows the edition of your robots.txt to add custom rules
  • Allows to define a specific crawl-delay for search engine bots
  • Blocks bad bots from crawling your website
  • Blocks most SEO crawlers in order to make backlinks undetectable.
  • Boosts your online store while blocking useless links from Woocommerce
  • Avoids Crawler traps generating Crawl-Budget issues
  • Provides 150+ Growth Hacking tools

Better Robots.txt plugin will also add standard rules in your robots.txt file to maximize search engines’ crawl budgets by telling them not to crawl the parts of your site that aren’t displayed (by default) to the public.

Want to become familiar with some syntax used in a robots.txt file. Basic robots.txt guidelines by Google.

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