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Tiktok Advertising Pixel

Starting as low as: $5.49/month or $59.88/Year

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Tiktok advertising pixel allows you to install your Tiktok pixel properly (between \<head\> \</head\>) on your website (everywhere or on specific pages) to track conversion from your audiences.

  • Add your Tiktok Pixel ID
  • Enable Tiktok Pixel on Woocommerce pages (Products, add to cart, checkout, …)
  • Click “Save changes”
  • Done !

Once done, you can use TikTok Pixel Helper (Chrome extension) to check if your landing page is installed correctly and if the conversion event is triggered. If the pixel is installed correctly, it will show the Pixel name and the number of the created conversions under it.

Please refer to TikTok guidelines for more details.

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