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You all know that using the right internal linking strategy can boost your SEO! Before your content can rank, it needs links. Internal links connect your content and give Google an idea of the structure of your website. The more links an important page receives, the more important it will seem to search engines. Therefore, good internal links are crucial to your SEO.

The Automatic links for SEO plugin is a revolution in the field of internal linking. No need to manually create your links with any other WordPress plugins. This plugin will do it for you, in automatic mode, using Yoast / Rank Math Focus keywords as **anchor text for internal link building.**

How it works (short version)

Once the plugin is installed, take a few minutes to read the few explanations to understand which features to use.

  • Make sure you select the correct options in the “Settings” section. These are generalized to all the functionalities of the plugin (SYNC, AUTO LINKS, INTERNAL / EXTERNAL LINKS), such as for example:
    • Where to apply: if you want the plugin to limit link creation only to pages, articles, products and “custom post types”.
    • Where to NOT apply: if you want to exclude pages, articles, and others (note that you can also exclude some pages by using the META BOX visible in the SIDEBAR of each of your pages).
    • Exclude HTML Tags: if you want to limit link creation to your content (by default, H1, H2, H3 tags are excluded)
    • Priority: if you want the links to be created to override the links already created
    • Max links: the number of links to create per page (make sure not to create too many, 2 is a good average)
    • New Tab: if the created links should open in a new window
    • No Follow: if the NOFOLLOW attribute must be added to created links (not recommended – only for external links)
    • Partial Match: if the “Anchor text” created can vary depending on whether the word found contains a variation (the plural form).
    • Case sensitive: if the “anchor text” created must have the same “shape” (capital letters, for example)

Once done, you can start synchronization from the **SYNC **button.

Once launched, a log will appear just below showing you all the links being created.

Once finished, if you want to view all the links created by the plugin, simply go to “Activity Log“.

Then you can also create custom links manually by going to the “Custom Manual links” section.

– The “Internal links” feature allows you to create internal links from custom words (anchor text) (other than “focus Keywords”) for existing pages on your website
– The “External links” feature allows you to create external links also from specific words (Anchor text)

An editable “Log” is available on the same page allowing you to modify each of these “custom” links.


How it works ?

Automatic Internal links for SEO works from the “Focus Keywords” (META tag Keyword) used with the help of Yoast SEO or Rank Math when creating META data (the titles and descriptions listed by Google when you do a search).

Considering that the words (or combinations of words) used as “Focus Keywords” when you created your META data are important as they represent the theme for which you want your content to be understood by search engines and also that one of the factors that play a role on how valuable a link is, is the anchor text, this plugin will scan your website for these “Focus Keyword” and identify / match the pages, articles, or products where they have been found.

 Then, it will scan the content of your website looking for words or combinations of words similar to these “Focus Keywords” (the plugin offers a certain flexibility in the identification of these words, in particular via some options like “Partial Match, Case sensitive, … ).

Once identified, these will be automatically converted into “anchor text” with a link redirecting to the page to which they correspond.

For example, if you have written a page for which you have defined as “Focus Keyword” the word “Mechanical”, the plugin will scan your website for the word “Mechanical” and once found, it will automatically create a link to the page where this “Focus Keyword” was found. If you subsequently change this “Focus Keyword” to something else, the previously created links will be deleted and new links will be created.

The particularity of this plugin is that the detection of new content created is done on an automatic basis! In other words, the plugin will continuously scan your website looking for new links to create from “Focus Keywords”.

But there is more! Once the plugin is installed, you will be offered 2 options: SYNC & AUTO LINKS.

The SYNC function, from the chosen configuration (Priority, number of links, etc.), without even having to identify anything, will scan your website for “Focus Keywords” and automatically create all the corresponding links. Once done, depending on your activity on the website, the plugin will notify you of the existence of new links to synchronize. This last operation is manual.

The AUTO LINKS functionis 100% automated. In other words, the plugin will automatically detect page updates or new pages created and proceed directly to the creation of the links, without you having to do anything.

Thus, your internal linking strategy evolves at the same time as the creation of your content and will boost your SEO and Web traffic.

About the PRO version

The PRO version allows you to activate several features including:

– Woocommerce product pages for the “SYNC” feature.
– The “AUTO LINK” feature (Continuous sync)
– Product pages for Custom internal / external links

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