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Twitter Pixel PRO for Twitter ads

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Twitter is the world’s third largest social network, with 320 million active monthly users and Twitter is also the best ad platform you’ll find! Compared to all other advertising platforms, whether your goal is website conversions or Twitter engagement, you only pay when people take that action.

Advertising on Twitter enables you to promote individual tweets or entire campaigns dedicated to specific objectives. Businesses can choose between eight different objectives — including app installs, video views, and website conversions — and set audience targeting criteria for each ad campaign they create.

With hundreds of millions of Tweets sent each day, Twitter is a great marketing channel for driving traffic and generating leads. In fact, 63% of Twitter users follow small businesses — it’s no wonder that companies can see actual growth from this platform.

How it works?

Twitter Pixel PRO plugin allows you to install your Twitter pixel properly (between ) on your website (everywhere or on specific pages) to track conversion from your audiences.

  • Add your Twitter Pixel ID
  • Enable Twitter Pixel on Woocommerce pages (Products, add to cart, checkout, …)
  • Click “Save changes”
  • Done !

Once done, you can use Twitter Pixel Helper (Chrome extension) to check if your landing page is installed correctly and if the conversion event is triggered. If the pixel is installed correctly, it will show the Pixel name and the number of the created conversions under it.

Please refer to Twitter guidelines for more details.

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