A company revolutionizes SEO by unlocking over a billion hours of non-indexed content on Youtube.

A Canadian company specializing in the design of SEO plugins for the WordPress environment announces it has found a way to unlock all the text content, unindexed, of the billion hours of video content available on Youtube for the benefit of 100 million existing WordPress sites on the Web in search of organic SEO.

Pagup, an SEO agency in the province of Quebec (Canada), already known by the WordPress community for having created and popularized several plugins (extensions) dedicated to search engine optimization (SEO), has made the recent announcement of a unique solution allowing WordPress site owners to massively optimize their SEO by accessing a virtually “infinite” content of original texts never indexed by search engines.

After over a year of development and reflection, the Pagup agency has designed a unique plugin, VIDSEO, allowing within the integration of a video player (Video embedder), the insertion of video transcripts generated automatically by Youtube.

The fact is that until today, the content developed (so, everything said and pronounced) in the videos uploaded to Youtube by its millions of users, remains entirely non-indexable (unreadable) by the search engines. Only meta data, such as the title and description entered when the video is added to Youtube, can be used by search engines to identify the video’s subject and generate SEO to be found on Google , for example.

In other words, it’s tens of billions of minutes of 100% original content, totally inaccessible by search engines, which now, thanks to the multilingual transcriptions automatically generated by Youtube, are directly usable and indexable, via the use of the VidSEO plugin .

Given that on the Web, the two most important things nowadays are The content” , because that’s what allows you to generate SEO and organic traffic to your site (Content Marketing) and “The video ”  because this is what generates the most conversion in general on social media, and increases the session time on web pages (positively impacting a site’s position for a given SEO), the combination of these two factors via VidSEO and access to an almost unlimited amount of content will revolutionize organic SEO in general and the performance of millions of websites.

This plugin, whose “video player” design has been designed to maximize both User Experience (UX) and Content Exploration (SEO), stands out by extreme flexibility in the actual presentation of this content to minimize the impact on site visitors.

It’s now hundreds of millions of hours of content that are available to website owners looking for better SEO, by adding a massive amount of dedicated content on their site, without the slightest risk of penalty because of the originality of the content (never indexed, so no duplication).

More info about VidSEO plugin

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