Baidu Webmaster tools Get INSANE traffic from the most popular chinese search engine & its growing community (700+ million users)

Baidu webmaster tools verification


BAIDU SEARCH ENGINE Baidu ( is a Chinese based (local) search engine, the second largest search engine in the world and the most used in China (with a population of 1.4 billion people)


BAIDU WEBMASTER TOOLS Baidu Webmaster Tools ( is a portal created to help webmasters get & maintain their site’s presence in Baidu’s organic search results.


EXCLUSIVE TO CHINA Since June 1, 2017, the ``Internet Security Law of the People's Republic of China” doesn’t allow foreigners to register an account on Baidu (without a China mobile number for SMS verification).

Google is almost nonexistent in China... So is your website & any chance of getting traffic from there.

If you are a webmaster and in the blogging field for a while, you should already know what search engine marketing is. More than one billion websites in the world receive tons of FREE traffic from search engines. Not paid traffic, it’s organic traffic.

As you may be aware, China is home to a huge chunk of the world’s population (over 1.4 billion). And any chance to get your content in front of an audience that size is clearly worth exploring.

The problem is that Google is almost nonexistent in China, holding only a tiny portion of the search engine market share (3.1%) in the country. Therefore, if your website is not listed on most popular search engines (like Baidu), you are invisible to potential Chinese customers.


This is especially true for any brand looking to target an international audience or break into the market overseas.

Baidu webmaster tools verification

About Baidu Search Engine Baidu is a Chinese based (local) search engine, the second largest search engine in the world and the most used in China.

It is also widely used search engine among the Chinese or Mandarin speaking community in most part of the world including Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Companies with global aspirations need to address China and her biggest search engine. Whether you are targeting the Chinese market or not, it is a smart move to have your website listed on Baidu. In fact, even if your site is not translated into Chinese, it is still highly advisable to submit your website to Baidu.


Chinese are one of the highest internet users in the world and approximately, for example, more than one million English searches are carried out in China per day.

About Baidu Websmaster tools Baidu Webmaster Tools is a portal created to help local webmasters get & maintain their site’s presence in Baidu’s organic search results.

Baidu being such an important search engine (driving massive traffic), if you are looking for visibility in China, get properly listed in Baidu Webmaster Tools is absolutely required.

BaiduThat being said, you can always submit few URLs to Baidu search engine without using a Baidu webmaster tools account. But if you want to make sure your website is properly indexed (with your sitemap) and crawled by Baidu spiders, you have to register a Baidu webmaster tools account (verified).


It will make a real difference and help to improve your site rankings and overall performance of SERPs.

Baidu webmaster tools verification

BUT... There is always a but ...

Since June 1, 2017, the “Internet Security Law of the People’s Republic of China” doesn’t allow foreigners to register an account on Baidu unless they have a China mobile number for SMS verification. Also, it’s not possible anymore to use a non-chinese email to register on Baidu and, in some cases, company ID verification could be required.

Another obstacle is that, both the opening of a Baidu Webmaster Tools account and the submission of a website can be done only in Chinese as there is not an option to change the language.

Try it :

Therefore, for many foreigners, it is almost impossible to open a Baidu account without a specialized local support, or somebody in China who can provide a mobile phone number.


We are Worldwide, even in China ! BTR & Partners have now SEO partners in China and FULL ACCESS to professional Baidu Webmaster Tools accounts.

With time, BTR & Partners ( has developed a large network of partners, from around the world, and more recently in China with some of the most popular SEO Agencies in the country. Meaning that we are now able to offer this very exclusive service to our community !

We have access to professional Baidu Webmaster tools accounts allowing us to submit properly  any website no matter where you are located in the world (and CCTLDs).

So, instead of simply submitting your website URL to Baidu (and hoping that Baidu spiders will crawl some of them), we are now able to officially:

  • Create a new property on Baidu Webmaster tools for
  • Submit your entire website to Baidu spiders
  • Verify ownership (with HTML site verification code)
  • And submit your Sitemap for better performance

Meaning that during the submission process, you will receive a unique code (Baidu Tag) to copy and paste in your site’s header section allowing Baidu to verify your site and confirm your listing. Once verified, we will be able to submit your sitemap for instant crawling.

No need of SMS or company ID verification, no need of a chinese email account!


What we offer Exclusive listing to Baidu Webmaster Tools, with or witout using our plugins.


$ 4,99 only

Property listed on Baidu Webmaster Tools
Website inspection by Baidu spiders
Ownership verification (with HTML code)
Sitemap/Robots.txt Submission
Available as long as your subscription is efffective


What you should know Just a few things to increase your chance of ranking on

About Sitemaps submission

Each sitemap you submit to Baidu can be in standard XML, including up to 50,000 URLs and it can not exceed 10M (uncompressed). If your website has multiple sitemaps, you can submit a sitemap index file. By doing this, Baidu will crawl your website in a short period of time. Remember that sitemaps are a good tool to help search engines about how to navigate your website and understand it better.

Using WordPress? Here’s a list of plugins generating sitemaps for your website:

Where and How to Paste the HTML Site Verification Code?

(for Baidu webmaster tools verification) It is important to paste the HTML code correctly in your site to verify your site in Baidu Webmaster Tools. You need to paste your verification code in-between the header section of every pages of your site in order to monitor the performance of every pages of your website.

Using WordPress ?

What to know before using our service

There are a few guidelines to follow that will give you a better chance for your site to be accepted by Baidu and start ranking. Never forget that China has a super strong censorship on the Internet and if you don’t comply with local rules your website will be banned (no matter what we do).

About Baidu;

  • No sexual content. Pornography is not permitted in any form and everything that violates what is considered to be sexually inappropriate in China must be avoided.
  • No offensive content. This is content that relates to politics, especially if the material is controversial or polemical. Even illegal content is considered offensive, like for instance websites that revolve around businesses prohibited in China.

About your service;

  • We do not provide a Baidu Webmaster tools account.
  • We do not provide credentials to access any Baidu Webmaster tools account
  • We do not provide stats or details about your website from our Baidu Webmaster tools accounts

Our service is limited to submitting properly your website to Baidu search engine, with ownership verification (HTML tag) and sitemap submission. So that you can make sure your website is visible on

  • It’s a monthly subscription. Meaning that if cancelled, your website will be automatically deleted from the Baidu Webmaster tool dashboard
  • Please expect 24 to 48 hours for treatment.
  • This product is not refundable.


Note : it may take take 4 to 8 weeks for Baidu crawlers to inspect your website and make it visible on search engines (Baidu takes longer to index websites than Google).

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