Better Robots.txt team working with NASA!

When we chose the name of our company, PAGUP, we aimed to generate growth on the WEB. We were far from thinking that it would take us to the stars!

Did you know?

PAGUP SEO Agency, a Canadian company specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO plug-in design for WordPress, recently rolled out a customized solution for optimizing crawling and indexing of the Virginia Space Grant Consortium’s (NASA partner) websites and a dozen of its network sites (multisite) via the Better Robots.txt WordPress plugin!

VSGC, the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, is a coalition of five Virginia colleges and universities, NASA, government agencies specializing in education, the Virginia Center for Innovative Technology, and other institutions representing various aerospace training and research activities. Its mission is to coordinate and develop all initiatives and skills related to aerospace, high technology, education, workforce development and research across the Commonwealth .

In the midst of developing optimization solutions for WordPress environments, the “Pagup” team has, over the last few months, been rolling out several plugins on the directory, allowing many levels ( robots.txt, Alt text, Image title, …) to maximize the ability of search engines to explore & understand the content of websites. This is the very first “plugin” of the series, the most popular at the moment, dedicated specifically to the optimization of a particular file,  robots.txt,  which is behind this collaboration.

Rolled out in more than fifty countries (via and counting nearly 6000 installations (active) after a few months (40k downloads), this plugin’s mission is to “rewrite” a file, specific to each website, especially fundamental in the ability of these websites to generate SEO by the search engines. This robots.txt file, unfortunately often ignored, or clumsily configured, is one of the many elements that most Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists spend time when it comes to rolling out an organic optimization solution.

It is after a contact at the end of 2018, by the Virginia Space Grant Consortium’s sites internal managers, as to the problem of their main site’s exploration capacities and the ten or so network sites associated with it, that a first development plan of the plugin at the  Premium   version level (SaaS – Freemium) was born to roll out a good and efficient solution (a version that is currently used by users of Better Robots.txt PRO). It was then a question of taking into consideration a rather sophisticated multisite environment, composed of the main site, and its numerous network sites (15).

After several months of work, an  optimized and automated  solution (validated via the Google Search console) for the “multisite” robots.txt was finally rolled out last March to the greatest satisfaction of the various protagonists.

When we chose the name of our company, PAGUP, we aimed to generate growth on the WEB. We were far from thinking that it would take us to the stars!

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